Come As You Are.

I am really happy that you are taking steps toward getting yourself treatment. I believe that it's important that each potential client researches the numerous options available to them, because having a good fit/ therapeutic bond is essential to doing effective work in therapy. Any of my clients would say that what sets me apart from other therapists is the fact that I am authentic; I have a directive style and I am sincerely invested in helping you achieve your therapy goals. Therefore, our sessions are very interactive and collaborative which may be different from your previous therapy experiences.

Lori Brady Counseling
Lori Brady Counseling

Our Partnership

Your part is to understand that seeking professional counseling services does not cure you of your presenting issue(s); I simply help you develop ways to effectively manage them. If one doesn’t find ways to manage their issues, their issues end up managing them. I believe you are coming to my office because you are invested in reclaiming your role as the manager of your life.

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