Solidarity Consulting - Working with service providers and unions to ensure the men and women are getting the services they need and deserve.


We have experience working in Unions, our families retired as Union workers,
we know the ins and outs of Unions and fight to get you the services you deserve.

Where We Started

David Mannix, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, went to the Navy out of High School, where he served a total of 8 years. David was raised in a union family on both sides: Grandfather at GM, Father at RTA, Uncle retired from the electricians (Local 38), cousins are Painters (District 6), Electricians (Local 38), Iron Workers (Local 17) and Laborers (Local 310). I was a member of the private Masters Mates and Pilots union as a Merchant Marine on the Great Lakes and the Operating Engineers Local 18 apprenticeship. Received an Associates Degree from Tri-C and the graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a double major of Finance and Management in 2016. I started my company to ensure the unions are getting the attention and opportunities they need.

Solidarity Consulting - Union consulting


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein

Educating the workforce is the only way to prepare them for what the future holds. We work with firms who have core values that revolve around education. There are no questions that will go unanswered or information that will be omitted.


“Change is the end result of all true learning” - Leo Buscaglia

With the focus on educating the men and women it will be a goal to change the culture of anxiety and mistrust in the financial security that has been earned by years of hard work. Negative thinking is a habit and will not be stopped on its own without the right people in place.


“Human behavior flows from three main sources; desire, emotion and knowledge” - Plato

Once the workforce is supplied with the knowledge needed, the emotional state of the union culture can begin to change. This will benefit and form a new desire to achieve financial wellness and security for the workers and their families for generations.